Dr. Kitty Bickford


Dr. Bickford sees suffering in those around her and around the globe as a failure of caring people to take action to alleviate it. Founder and President of Pasture Valley Children Missions and BenevoLance, Kitty's efforts have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of orphaned children and vulnerable families in Swaziland, Africa. A long time philanthropist, Kitty has dug wells in India, built a Christian church in Indonesia, provided funds for cleft palate surgery in Cambodia, and made provision for food, education, and medical care for families in Africa. She is the author of the Do Your Own Nonprofit 51-book state series, and an independent contractor for Harbor Compliance. As a full-time public school teacher (and 20 years teaching college), Kitty invests in the lives of children every day. She owns Chalfant Eckert Publishing, a Christian publishing company that works predominantly with first-time authors and pastors to publish their Christian writings, nonfiction, and children's books. She also partners with Books That Heal, a nonprofit that creates books for children dying of terminal illnesses so that they leave memory books behind for grieving families and provide a source of fundraising to cover medical expenses.

Dr. Bickford was the 2013 Spirit of Rolla Award recipient for significant accomplishment and lifetime achievement to the spirit of giving. Kitty is on the boards of Seniors Standing Strong, KidCare America, and other nonprofits, and an avid supporter of Kiva.org, having made 260+ micro-finance loans in 75 countries.

Her education includes Doctorate in Biblical Studies, Masters in Psychology, Bachelor degrees in Criminal Justice Administration and Behavioral Science, Associates degree in Educational Administration, completion of the four-year Missouri Teacher Certification Program, she holds 99-year teaching certifications in nine curricula, and is a Certified Professional Life Coach and work with nonprofit executives.

Kitty is a 10-year United States Air Force veteran who is married to her best friend, 33-year Marine/Air Force veteran Jim Bickford.